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Publish your learning resource with Cengage

Create a tailored solution for your course

Looking for course materials that are aligned with the way you teach? Custom solutions deliver the content you want in your preferred style and format. With Cengage, anything is possible.

Create a customised textbook your students will love

Tailor the content for your course, and teach from a textbook that is structured to follow your course plan.

  • Select from best-selling Cengage content
  • Package it with the latest available technology options
  • Choose from a range of delivery formats (print, eBook or online)
  • Add your own readings or notes – or even write your own complete resource
  • Select from a variety of cover designs

How does it help?

Your students will study your tailored material in the right order. Build a table of contents to suit your teaching plan and to match your students’ weekly classes, tutorials and set homework tasks, with revision materials to align with interactive digital resources.

For more information about custom solutions for your course,
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Become an author with Australia / NZ’s leading education and technology publisher


Being an author with Cengage can offer you a worldwide audience and new tools to deliver positive outcomes for learners. Our experienced team collaboratively supports the success of our authors and the communities they serve.

  • A publishing and editorial team that ensures your ideas are expressed effectively in print, digital, or hybrid learning materials
  • The highest quality production services and award-winning design teams to enhance your work
  • A marketing group with expertise on consumer needs, delivering compelling messages to customers
  • A dedicated sales team who help customers make the right decision
  • A multi-channel distribution and support network that gives customers unlimited access to content

We welcome your ideas for new textbooks, media projects, or online learning materials to meet the learning styles of the constantly evolving Higher Education market.

Author Proposal Form

A well-developed Author Proposal Form articulates how well you understand market needs, market opportunities and how your project can offer a better solution for that market. It will help to clarify your project’s purpose and scope, for us and our reviewers.

When complete, please email the Author Proposal Form to the publisher overseeing the discipline relevant to your project. Their contact details are listed on the Author Proposal Form.

What happens next?

Our dedicated publishing team will review your proposal and contact you.

Thank you for considering Cengage as your publisher!