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See the benefits of the PM eCollection with a FREE 30-day trial!


The PM eCollection is a brand new platform that re-imagines guided and independent reading for the digital age.






The PM eCollection comprises three pillars:

The Content -

we've taken the proven strength of our
pedagogically sound, carefully levelled PM eCollection
and digitised them for use on ipads. The 350 titles are from PM levels 1 to 30

The eReader app -

we've designed an eReader
specifically for guided and independent reading. The
features of our eReader support students using PM
eBooks to learn to read.

The website -

we've created a sophisticated website for
teachers and administrators to easily manage students'
guided and independent reading experiences.


Each PM eCollection eBook is completely redesigned for
iPad compatibility, though retains the same pedagogical
underpinnings as the original PM Collection.

Purpose-built features to enhance students' experience
with the PM eBooks include:

  • audio support - students tap to hear a word, swipe
    down to hear a page
  • My Words - students touch and swipe a word to add it
    to their My Words list
  • ability for students to record their own version of the
    PM eBook
  • edit text function
  • draw and add notes to PM eBooks.

To view a list of 250 PM eCollection ebooks (excluding 2019 & 2020 new releases) click here.


The PM eCollection eReader app allows students and
teachers to choose a reading profile based on the needs of
learners in specific situations.

  • The Guided Reading profile disables the audio
    record functionality so that distractions are minimised.

  • The Independent Reading profile enables the audio and
    record functionality. offering full support for students
    reading on their own.

  • The Custom Reading profile allows the user to enable or
    disable My Words and audio functionality, and
    show/hide the text to create opportunities for retelling
    and other oral literacy activities.

The intuitive controls and navigation are perfectly suited to
today's digital learners. The gestures used for choosing and
reading eBooks in the PM eCollection are already well
known by today's students.


The PM eCollection website offers teachers and
administrators powerful planning, management and
assessment functionality. It is here you are able to create,
edit and manage:

  • student profiles

  • reading groups (both class and small groups)

  • reading sessions for guided or independent reading.

Rich assessment data is stored in students' profiles. Each
profile includes the student's:

  • current PM level and reading age

  • the number of eBooks opened

  • the recordings they made the ability for a
    teacher to listen to the recordings

  • the words that the student has added to their My
    Words list

  • a graph showing student's progress over time

  • reading history


Custom Reading profile

Turn functions on or off including the ability to hide the text to turn a book into a re-telling opportunity


Students can edit the text

My Words

Students can create a customised word list for
spelling or word study


Students can record themselves reading a text

Reading sessions

Teachers can allocate books, set reading profiles and include a personalised note to a student or group of students