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The 30 PM Early Chapters books provide children with a gentle introduction to the chapter book concept. Readers will encounter some favourite PM characters from earlier levels, and meet a variety of new recurring characters that they will be able to identify with and relate to instantly.

PM Early Chapters are meticulously levelled with carefully-crafted story structures and high-interest storylines that will appeal to children and stimulate their interest in reading. Books at Levels 15–19 feature three chapters, and those at Levels 20–24 have four chapters.

PM Early Chapters Activity Sheets on CD

PM Early Chapters Activity Sheets on CD feature high-quality, levelled student activities. Each of the 30 PM Early Chapters is supported by five pages of activities which focus on writing, visual features, meaning, structure and other key learning areas.

The CD also includes an introduction and overview of the series, links to related curriculum topics, language monitoring checklists and reading record pro formas. 

PM Early Chapters Activity Sheets - Contact your local representative for access.


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