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VICmaths - a better way to VCE Maths Mastery

Built upon research into the science of learning, Nelson VICmaths 11 & 12 is a complete teaching and learning solution to create focused and successful VCE mathematics students.

The design and structure of the series has been informed by teacher advice and evidence-based pedagogy, with the focus on preparing VCE students for their exams and maximising their learning achievement.

Closely following the 2023 VCE Study Design, VICmaths includes exam practice in every chapter, CAS instructions for TI-Nspire and ClassPad, clear worked examples and an extensive array of practice and revision resources to offer educators and learners a better way to maths mastery.

  • Graded exercises include Recap, Mastery and Exam Practice questions, exposing students to exam practice in every lesson.
    • Recap questions revise content from a previous chapter and are great lesson warm-ups
    • Mastery questions provide skills practice and are usually linked to worked examples
    • Exam practice questions apply learned skills to VCE exam and exam-style problems.
  • Past VCE exam questions are graded by colour-coded success percentages based on VCAA data to show students how difficult past students found a question and give them a good understanding of their own progress. Questions are always featured easiest to hardest.
  • Cumulative exams 1 and 2 in each chapter are mini-VCE exams that provide cumulative practice and revision by assessing students on content from that chapter and all previous chapters.
  • Precise coverage of the new study design: no long explanations of theory that is outside the course to help keep students focused on what matters.
  • Exam hacks and VCE question analysis in every chapter provide practical assessor advice and feedback.
  • Exam-targeted worked examples work in concert with matched examples in the VICmaths Mastery Workbooks help students build the skills they need to succeed.
  • All content and features are focused on helping student relate maths to engaging, real-life situations to build the skills they need for success.
  • Chapter problems at the start of each chapter which can be solved using the skills learnt throughout. A reminder pops up within the chapter to let students know when all skills have been covered. The solution to this problem is at the end of chapter.
  • Investigations explore the syllabus in more detail through group-work, discovery, and modelling activities. Extended investigations can be adapted in assessment tasks and projects.
  • Graded exercises are linked to the worked examples and include problems and realistic application.
  • Keyword activity at the end of each chapter focuses on the mathematical language and terminology learned in that chapter.
  • Test yourself at the end of the chapter contains revision exercises.
  • Practice set of revision questions every few chapters to help students revise for their final exam.

Mastery Workbooks


VICmaths Mastery Workbooks work within the VICmaths series to scaffold students understanding using example-based learning strategies to build higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills.

The workbook contains matched examples that pair with each of the worked examples in the student book. This extra level will build students procedural fluency, equipping them to succeed.

Matched examples are equivalent to Worked examples and consist of:

  • A question
  • A Steps column with instructions
  • A Working column for students to complete each step toward the answer

To follow the three steps to mastery you need to:

  1. Study a worked example in the Student Book.
  2. Complete the matched example in the Mastery Workbook.
  3. Do the Mastery questions in the Student Book exercise that are linked to the Workbook.

The workbooks are ideal for being used both in class and independently at home.


Nelson MindTap


An online learning space that puts you at the centre.

VICmaths Nelson MindTap gives you access to an etext with integrated interactives and online assessment.

It is available as blended print/digital product or as digital only. Multiple access options are available, including LMS integration, so you can choose what works best for your school.

  • Topic tests to identify students' strengths and weaknesses.
  • Gradebook analytics provide immediate student results and progress.
  • Curated video playlists link to top video tutorials available for each topic, timestamped and ranked by relevance.
  • VCE question analysis videos unpack complex VCE exam questions, featuring expert advice, worked solutions and feedback on student performance, presented by Darren Smyth (
  • Worksheets for practice and revision.
  • Skillsheets develop prerequisite skills and knowledge.

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Meet the Authors

Dirk Strasser
Dirk Strasser
Greg Neal
Greg Neal
Sue Garner
Sue Garner
George Dimitriadis
George Dimitriadis
Toudi Kouris
Toudi Kouris
Stephen Swift
Stephen Swift
Sue Thomson
Sue Thomson
Judy Binns
Judy Binns

Dirk Strasser is an experienced teacher,a former Head of Mathematics and a lead author and senior publisher of mathematics series for over 30 years. He has published and co-written eight best-selling mathematics series for Heinemann and Pearson and won several Australian Educational Publishing Awards. He is the Manager of Secondary Mathematics at Nelson Cengage.

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