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We are excited to announce that Impact Publishing has been acquired by Cengage Australia and are now part of the Nelson Secondary list of educational resources. The Impact Publishing titles can still be purchased from your local bookseller or directly from us. 

Impact Publishing titles are highly focused, in-depth resources for Western Australia students and teachers. With content written specifically for the Western Australia ATAR and general courses, these textbooks provide comprehensive learning materials that follow the school curriculum and standard authority guidelines.

Topics available include accounting & finance, business management & enterprise, children family and the community, dance, drama, food science & technology, media production & analysis, outdoor education, philosophy & ethics, physical education studies, visual arts and more. Each title has been written by an experienced and knowledgeable author team, including teachers with over thirty years’ experience, industry professionals, curriculum writers and more.

Sociology and the Humanities

Children, Family and the Community 

Written in accordance with School Curriculum and Standards Authority guidelines, this book is a comprehensive, informative and easy-to-read resource packed with photos, activities and 'real life' stories that are used throughout to assist students in gaining a deeper understanding of the course content.

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Philosophy and Ethics

This book provides full explanations of concepts and debates, and is packed with activities to engage students and maintain their interest, whilst clarifying a variety of concepts. 'Community of Inquiry' activities are included throughout, and the title is written in accordance with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority guidelines.

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The Arts


This easy-to-understand dance book focuses on the two units from the syllabus: ‘popular culture’ and ‘Australian dance’. It’s packed with relevant activities and information, as well as space for students to record written responses and reflect on choreographic processes, perfect for introducing your students to dance. 

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Visual Arts 

This full-colour resource is loaded with information and images showcasing Western Australian contemporary artists. Student-centered activities are presented in such a way that students can work through the book independently as they’re encouraged to solve problems and art-making issues by completing the activities and reflections.

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PE & Outdoor Studies

Physical Education 

Presented in six chapters and keeping within the content structure of the revised Physical Education Studies Syllabus (WACE 2015-16), this book provides up-to-date information covering the content for Unit 1 and Unit 2 of the syllabus. Each chapter provides a range of activities, focus questions and suggested websites to guide learning. 

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Outdoor Education 

This book is packed with activities, information, illustration and photos. It is comprehensive, informative and easy to read. Students learn about themselves through being in situations that require planning, judgement, decision making, values, leadership and teamwork, followed by time for reflection.

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In accordance with school curriculum and standards authority guideline, these ATAR and General accounting texts comprehensively address the outcomes of the courses. The resources are loaded with information, activities and real-life examples for all levels, providing both students and teachers everything they need in order to address the course requirements

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Business Management 

Written specifically for the Year 11 ATAR and Year 12 General Business Management and Enterprise Courses, this resource includes national and global business case studies, separate examination practice chapters, contemporary web references, and much more.  

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Drama and Media Production


Written by Nicole Stinton, who is both a professional performing artist and an experienced drama educator, this title theoretically and practically explores the new Drama curriculum. In addition, it reflects much of the Drama and Theatre studies curricula across Australia by exploring content  with both the theatre industry and Drama as an academic subject in mind.

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Media Production & Analysis 

This content-specific resource, written by Julie Keane and Jan McMahon, allows students to learn media concepts through a wide range of practical activities. The built-in practical approach caters to students of all abilities and ensures Year 11 and 12 General students not only understand the content covered, but enjoy their learning experience throughout the course.

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Food Science and Impact Catalogue

Food Science and Technology

Written in accordance with School Curriculum and Standards Authority guidelines, this title is comprehensive, informative, easy to read and includes both practical and theoretical student-centred activities. The authors have over 60 years of combined teaching experience in the field, and all recipes presented have been thoroughly 'tried and tested'.

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Impact Publishing Titles

All Impact Publishing titles are now exclusively sold through Nelson Cengage. To view and order titles, please refer to the downloadable order form via the link below.. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our local education consultants for more information. 

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