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Trocadero publishes a range of quality illustrated reference material now available from Nelson Cengage Australia. Trocadero books are suitable for primary and secondary school levels, offering concise reference information on Australian or Asian-Pacific history and culture, geography or civics and citizenship. The Trocadero range of includes the following series: Australian Geography, Australian Government, Australian Infrastructure, Colonial Australia and more. Select examples are displayed below, and orders may be placed by contacting your local education consultant.  

Trocadero: Australia's Infrastructure

Australia’s Airlines 

This text describes the visionaries and daredevils who put their money and their lives on the line in pursuit of the dream of air travel. They built Australia's airline industry to link the nation, to defy geography and develop communication unknown to earlier generations. The book also profiles revolutionary planes such as the DC-3 and 707. 

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Australia’s Railways 

Australia's Railways is the story of how railway tracks rapidly expanded to all but the most remote parts of the continent. It shows how railway lines linked many places where they made no economic sense, but also forged connections that improved life for everyone in city or town. The text ranges from the very first lines through to the modern era.

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Trocadero: Australia's Neighbours


Japan: The Story of the Nation shows how Japan was able to fend off the European colonial powers, then manipulate them to suit its needs. This is the story of a militaristic culture determined to realise Japan's destiny no matter what the cost. The text includes Australia’s relationship with Japan, as well as Japan’s government, transport, arts, food and more. 

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India: The Story of the Nation depicts the story of centuries of conflict and empire building, of invasion and conquest, and of religious innovation and turmoil. It shows how a small group of British businessmen intent on international trade came to control millions of people through belief in their own racial superiority.

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Trocadero: Australia at War

The Anzac Spirit

The Anzac Spirit tells the story of Australia’s military past, present and future. It covers the elements of Australia’s long military history since the 1860s – in New Zealand, the Sudan, South Africa, World War I, World War II, Korea, Malaya, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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World War II

World War II is the story of the greatest conflict Australia has every experienced, the only war that united almost all the population in the effort to win. It describes how a nation was mobilised to defend the homeland, of how bravery and determination were the norm, and when Australia discovered again just what it was capable of.

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