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Go beyond drill and practice

Informed by learning design, Nelson Maths 7-10 Western Australia is new series for the Australian Curriculum that supports all teacher and students by a focusing on differentiation and utilising pedagogy that goes beyond theory and exercises.

  • Exercise questions colour-coded by difficulty level: Foundation, Standard, Complex
  • Exercise questions labelled for Problem-Solving (PS), Reasoning (R) and Communicating (C) proficiencies
  • Optional Advanced/Extension/Acceleration work included to provide flexible pathways
  • Pre-chapter SkillCheck exercise
  • Post-chapter Power Plus Extension exercise
  • Years 9/10 Advanced editions for students heading towards Years 11-12 Advanced Maths courses are set at faster pace, with less revision, more challenging topics
  • Classroom investigations and practical activities built into every chapter
  • Strong and explicit curriculum mapping: syllabus grids and codes
  • Focus on core maths concepts and skills
  • Numeracy: real-life applications of maths, mental calculation exercises (no calculators)
  • Literacy: chapter glossaries, end-of-book glossary, keywords defined in chapters, Language of maths reflection questions
  • Problem-solving and rich applications questions
  • Video tutorials made by 'flipped classroom' teachers
  • Topic summary (mind map) activities
  • Worked solutions to all exercises for teachers

Nelson MindTap


Nelson MindTap is an online learning space that puts you at the centre.

Nelson Maths Western Australia Nelson MindTap gives you access to an etext with integrated interactives and online assessment.

It is available as blended print/digital product or as digital only. Multiple access options are available, including LMS integration, so you can choose what works best for your school.

  • Make the course what students need by rearranging content and activities.
  • Gradebook analytics provide immediate student results and class progress.
  • Access to worked solutions for ALL exercise questions so you can assign/incorporate them at the best point in each student's learning pathway.
  • Editable/printable topic tests for assessment to help you see how each student is progressing.
  • Teaching plans with suggested scope and sequence to help you get the most from Nelson Maths.
  • 'Do the Maths' animations on problem-solving and explaining real-life applications of maths.
  • Curriculum-aligned Twig World videos and animations that are guaranteed to captivate students and provide real world context and assess student understanding.
  • 60+ worked example video tutorials to support flipped learning, homework, or in-class demonstrations.
  • A variety of formative assessment opportunities including interactives and simulations: online maths widgets that allow students to explore maths concepts.
  • SkillCheck pre-chapter quizzes for students to check their prerequisite knowledge and end-of-chapter quizzes to test their understanding of new content.
  • Mental skills quizzes with instant feedback help students develop confidence and fluency with mental calculation skills.
  • 130+ worksheets and puzzle sheets for fun independent learning, practice and consolidation.
  • Skillsheets with examples and exercises to support students who need to build up their foundation skills.
  • Technology worksheets to build maths skills using spreadsheets and dynamic geometry software.
  • Flashcards to revise mathematical terminology and activities to build vocabulary.

Meet the Authors


RB PX 100

Rashmi Bhagwati
Rachel Theunissen
Rachel Theunissen
Judy Binns
Judy Binns
Gaspare Carrozza
Gaspare Carrozza
Klaas Bootsma
Klaas Bootsma
David Badger
David Badger
Sarah Hamper
Sarah Hamper
Robert Yen
Robert Yen

Rashmi Bhagwati teaches at a high school in southeast Brisbane and has been a mathematics educator for over 20 years. She has been involved in external exam marking and assessment processes, and was a panellist for Mathematics A (senior General Mathematics). Rashmi wrote topic tests for the Nelson Senior Maths Essential Mathematics series for Queensland and WA.

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